What’s VPS Hosting?

VPS HostingVPS is an abbreviation standing for Virtual Private Server. The VPS server copies a dedicated server inside a shared hosting environment. It’s technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

VPS hosting is among the numerous web hosting accounts that you may choose from so as to host your website online. You require having your website files on some web server so as to have a website on the net. Establishing and managing a server may not only be expensive, but it’s also difficult. Buying a web hosting lets you rent some space on the web server. This makes it simpler for average person to possess a website online since all they have to do is to upload their site files. There are different kinds of web hosting accounts:

· Shared Hosting

· VPS Hosting

· Dedicated Server Hosting
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Should You Buy It Now?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro 3. The device is touted as the first tablet which can fully replace your laptop with a desktop experience.

The company calls it nothing short of revolutionary with a kickstand, optional click-in keyboard, and multiple ports including full-size USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, and microSD™ card reader.

The major benefit is that you can take your favorite Office programs, including the full Microsoft Office Suite, on-the-go and use an appealing touch interface to get work done. Of course you can download your preferred entertainment apps including games, music and movies.

This writer is currently testing it to see if the hype lives up to expectations. The model in use is a Core i7 which is the fastest processor being offered.
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My Second Favorite Gmail Plugin

Gmail PluginMy favorite Gmail plugin is Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang Calendar is my second favorite and I use it nearly every day. It makes scheduling easier, right inside Gmail. Here are some highlights:

See your schedule while you read your email and add events to your calendar without leaving Gmail.

Boomerang Calendar identifies event information as you read your email. It automatically highlights dates and times in the message with information about whether or not you can attend. If the event text is green, you’re all clear. Yellow, you have an adjacent event. Red means you have a conflict. No need to switch over to your calendar to check.

The best part? Your friends and colleagues can write messages using whatever language they like. Boomerang Calendar understands what you mean, whether you type “Monday at 2pm” or “4/14 at noon”. It even understands time zones, so if you’re in Paris, “PDT” will mean the right thing.
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How Safe Is Storing Data in SAP Cloud Solutions?

SAP Cloud SolutionsDepending on who you ask, storing data in the cloud is either risky or perfectly safe. Recent threats, such as the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability and a cyber-espionage threat dubbed “Dragonfly,” remind us that cloud security is an ongoing process. Fortunately, organizations such as Symantec, the Open Data Center Alliance, and SAP take cloud security seriously.

For example, Symantec’s O3 platform is a single sign-on system that “enforces access control policies across web applications” while also implementing risk management and compliance measures across SaaS applications.

The Open Data Center Alliance is a consortium of leading global IT organizations formed to “speed the migration to cloud computing by enabling the solution and service ecosystem to address IT requirements with the highest level of interoperability and standards.”
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Future Of Traditional Wrist Watches

Future Of Traditional Wrist WatchesRecently, the mega corporate Samsung launched the “Galaxy Gear”, a smart watch with a 320 x 320 resolution display, a 1.63-inch touch screen and a built-in camera with a speaker. The watch supports more than 70 applications and also has the capability to read data saved over the Web. This is not an overt move by Samsung. More and more corporate into manufacturing are coming up with their releases of smart watches supporting a hoard of features and functionalities, in addition to displaying the time.

Future of traditional watches

A logical question arises whether mechanical wristwatches are “done”? Do they no longer have a future? While the answer may seem obvious, a few individuals may be surprised if they were to know about the reality associated with mechanical wristwatches. Branded watches are far from “over”. A dedicated market segment – the niche, in fact – still subscribes to the doctrine of using mechanical watches. Certain people still prefer traditional wristwatches, and will not substitute wearing smart watches in lieu of “smart” ones. The basic fact is watches have been around for more than 500 years, survived both the world wars, saw the man landing on the moon, and even successfully survived tech revolutions. A certain group of people will not trade their Omegas and Cartiers for fancy tech stuff. Brands such as Piaget, A. Lange & Sohne, and Harry Winston continue to excel, and show no signs of slowing down in spite of the popularity of electronic watch products churned out by tech giants.

From a practical point of view, there is no reason why people should buy traditional wristwatches while more advanced ones are available. However, people still collect watches, and it would appear it is not just for availing the time. Market surveys indicate mechanical watch manufacturing is still on the rise, even though the market associated with it has changed slightly. The niche watch market is picking up. Some of the old watches are fetching a huge price for antique collectors.
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